Root Canals
Dr. Damevski can resolve your tooth pain by performing a painless
root canal treatment, many times in just one visit.

Root canals are performed by dentists when a patient’s tooth becomes so badly decayed that a simple filling will not suffice. By the time a patient needs to undergo a root canal, they are likely in extreme pain since nerve of their tooth may be inflamed and sensitive. During a root canal, the dentist must remove the nerve tissue and pulp of a tooth to prevent bacteria from multiplying within the pulp chamber. If left untreated, infected nerve tissue can quickly become an abscess, potentially leading to very serious health issues.

Common symptoms of this type of infection include sensitivity to temperatures, tooth discoloration, swelling of the gums, and severe toothaches, especially when chewing. If you have been experiencing severe tooth pain and think you may need a root canal, contact Plymouth Meeting Dental Associates.

If you have been experiencing dental issues, contact Plymouth Meeting Dental Associates.

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